About GlyCoCan

GlyCoCan is a Marie Curie European Training Network composed of 15 leading European partners in the fields of glycobiology, glyco-immunology and biomarker research. It provides a multidisciplinary training for a new generation of researchers in the young field of glyco-oncology, bridging academic and industrial sectors.
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Our goal

The main scientific objective of the network is enhancing our understanding on the structure-function relationship of glycosylation in colorectal cancer (CRC) for finding improved diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and pave the way for novel therapeutic targets.


GlyCoCan Final Conference in Amsterdam (9 May 2019)

Our final meeting in May 2019 was a great success. The week started with training on stakeholder management processing, career development, grant success review , and an outreach activity planned and realized by the ESRs. This was followed by the GlyCoCan final...

Glycoimmunology & Career workshops in Toulouse (24-28 Sep 2018)

For the first time, GlyCoCan ESRs have shaped and organized their own network-wide event. The organizing committee members Roberta Zoppi (FCTUNL), Giulia Trimaglio (IPBS) and Ana Momčilović (LUMC), received support from Helen Williamson (Horizons Unleashed Ltd) and...

2nd GlyCoCan annual meeting in Leiden (12-16 March 2018)

Our second annual meeting in March was a full success, starting with an inspiring Translational Research Symposium, followed by fruitful project-specific discussions and three days of multi-faceted workshops for the young researchers. The symposium on 12th March was...

1st GlyCoCan annual meeting in Lisbon (21-23 June 2017)

  During our first annual meeting in Lisbon the GlyCoCan participants had the opportunity to give each other as well as our project officer an update on the overall project progress. Next to the progress reports by the work package leaders, our 13 early stage...

Funded by: European Commission, Horizon 2020 programme
under grant agreement number 676421
Associated FP7 consortia: IBD-BIOM, High-Glycan